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Feeling bored, looking for something new?
With Aza and Ena, use your iPhone, iPod or iPad to add spice to your sex games, whether you’re two or more, without taboos or soliciting.

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The creators of Aza and Ena invite you to discover their “babies” on

Hot Truth or Dare 2Hot Truth or Dare 2

As its name suggests, this is a “hot” version of the celebrated game of “Truth or Dare”.

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Updated Apr 5, 2012

Love cards (Cartes coquines)Love cards (Cartes coquines)

Pick a card and reveal an action that you have to carry out on part of your partner’s body.

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Release July 11, 2011

Snake LoveSnake Love

Erotic version of the snake and ladder game, Snake Love for a couple allows stimulating their senses.

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Updated May 7, 2010

KamaSutra Dice II (Dés KamaSutra II)Dés KamaSutra (KamaSutra Dice)

Aza and Ena would like to share their lovemaking skills with you. Let chance choose among more than 69 positions, from the most traditional to the most acrobatic!

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Updated May 3, 2011

Aza & Ena : les 2 diablotins coquins sur iPhone, iPod, et iPad

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